Top 9 Restaurants in Vail Ski Resort, Colorado | Updated 2023

Vail is a famous tourist spot in Colorado and is always overflowing with visitors. We are running a limo service and private car transportation business in Colorado for more than 20 years and now after exploring everything with our lovely customers from around the globe, we are presenting the top restaurants in Vail ski area Colorado’s top winter destination.

Top Vail Colorado Restaurants to Visit This Ski Season 2022-23

top restaurants in vail ski resort, colorado

Listed below are some of the best Vail mountain restaurants in town. Here is a brief guide to experiencing the best eateries in Vail.



DENVER TO flame restaurant CAR SERVICE

Flame Restaurant is located in Four Seasons Resort and offers is Vail’s upscale steakhouse and lounge. It promises to offer an unconventional dining experience and delivers on it, and is well-known for its fun dining experiences among all Vail Colorado restaurants. Despite the extensive range in their menu, tourists keep going back to their signature steak and lobster Mac and Cheese.

It opens daily for breakfast between 7 am and 11 am. The time for dinner is 5 pm to 9 pm throughout the week. The Flame Restaurant also has an impeccable reputation for serving some of the most delicious cocktails in Vail, especially their exclusive Bourbon.


Bistro Fourteen

Bistro Fourteen vail co

This elite restaurant is located atop Eagle Bahn Gondola and is easily accessible by both car and a gondola. It has a very indie feel to it with a mountain pub interior and serves quintessential American cuisine, including wholesome burgers and fries.

This Ski-in Ski-out eatery remains open between 11 am and 3 pm on Sundays and Mondays, and between 11 am and 8 pm on the other days of the week. This is a casual space where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family members. The exterior is as fascinating as the interior, with the snowy mountains standing tall just outside the huge glass windows.


Mountain Standard



Mountain Standard is an elegant restaurant located on Gore Creek Drive. Maria Busato, the Chef of the Year 2020 Colorado, serves exquisite rotisserie and wood oven dishes that pair perfectly with the rustic mountains outside.

The place also serves delicious wine and drinks that complete the fiery meal.

This eatery remains open for lunch daily between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm and for dinner between 5 pm and 9.30 pm. The restaurant does not allow groups with more than 8 guests. Their contact details are available on their official website.


Lancelot Restaurant

Lancelot Restaurant vail

The Lancelot Restaurant is one of the most exclusive seafood and steak eateries in Vail. Also located in Gore Creek Drive, The Lancelot serves dinner from Tuesday through Sunday till 5 pm.

The Lancelot is a premiere rib house in Vail and has been serving slow-roasted delicacies since 1969. It has its very own Wine menu and serves spectacular drinks.

You can book a reservation online, on their official website, or you can call them for the same.


Sweet Basil

denver to Sweet Basil


Sweet Basil, established in 1977, is located on Gore Creek Drive and is easily accessible by car. This place is always busy and for good reason. They serve American cuisine and are famous for steaks grilled to perfection. So check out their wide range of wines and drinks.

The interior is as charming as their menu and will keep you wanting to go back. This eatery remains open for lunch between 11.30 am and 3.00 pm for lunch from Wednesday through Sunday, and for dinner between 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm nightly.

You can contact them online or call them to book a reservation; details are available on their official website. They offer dine-in and takeaway services. You can reach for dinner in style through our Denver to Vail car service from DIA Airport.


Swiss Chalet Restaurant


Are you craving some delicious fondue and Swiss cuisine, well, we have you covered! This Swiss eatery is located in Sonnenalp on Vail Road and remains open Wednesday through Sunday between 5.00 pm and 10.00 pm and serves the most delicious Swiss Dishes among other Vail Colorado restaurants.

The interior is comfortable yet luxurious, and reservations are highly recommended. This eatery has a delectable spread of European Cuisine and has won several awards over the years.

With years of experience and experimentation, chefs have mastered traditional European dishes. The ambiance is as spectacular as their menu.

If you are looking for an aristocratic dinner amidst the mountains, this is the go-to place.


Bully Ranch Restaurant


denver to Bully Ranch restaurant


Bully Ranch Restaurant is located in Sonnenalp on Vail Road and serves American cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, a much-awaited respite after the chilling mountains in Vail.

This Vail Mountain restaurant remains open between 12.00 pm and 10.00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and between 11.00 am and 10.00 pm, Friday through Sunday.

Do not miss out on the Bully Bourbon Burger and Bavarian Pretzel. Another one of their specialties is the Wagyu Burger which is one of the best among the Vail Village restaurants.

Bully Ranch Restaurant has always been a favorite among tourists in Vail. It has a very welcoming ambiance and offers the perfect set-up to just walk in with your friends and have an afternoon of great food and drinks.


The Little Diner

denver to the-little-diner vail


The Little Diner in Vail is the perfect breakfast place. It is small but mighty when it comes to its food offerings. It serves breakfast staples like pancakes, eggs Benedict and crepes, as well as American favorites like burritos and pancakes. The Little Diner is a family-owned restaurant that offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options. Although you can expect to wait for a table, they will text or call you when your spot is available.

Little Dinner in vail is still in our top vail mountain restaurants.



denver to matsuhisa restaurant vail


Matsuhisa is a sushi restaurant located in Solaris Residences in Meadow Drive. Headed and established by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in 2011, this eatery has a woody urban setting that complements the mountainous terrains of Vail. The restaurant opens into an expansive patio, overlooking the beautiful village of Vail, and is one of the most loved Vail Colorado restaurants.

Matsuhisa serves traditional Japanese cuisine and is well-known for its fresh and delicious sushis, including delicious seafood sushi.

The restaurant is open nightly, between 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm. You can also directly call them to make reservations. Their contact details are available on their official website.


If you are looking to see more or have any recommendations to put in the list of top restaurants in Vail Ski Resort we will definitely update the list accordingly, Feel free to talk to Eddie Limo and the team. Thanks for reading the article


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