Ford Transit 350


  • 14 Passenger, 14 Bags
  • High Roof
  • Extended Length
  • Dual Climate Control
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Black Interior
  • Adjustable Seats
  • Tinted Windows
  • IOS, Android Phone Charger
  • Complimentary Water
The Ford Transit stands out the most, with its high roof and double sliding doors, this car would take on any job you throw at it. This car performs excellently in all weathers and seasons; it can also serve multiple purposes, business conveyance or airport pick-up conveyance, it can also be used to host a party on wheels for a dozen people. 

Ford Transit 350​

There is quite a number of things to like about this car, for example;
Bodywork: The Ford transit high roof is a car that has its roof extended in order provide more headroom for clients, this extension of the roof of the Ford transit adds glamour to its luxurious appearance. No one can deny the beauty of this beautiful work of architecture; it is definitely awe-inspiring.Interior: the cabin of the ford transit is customized in such a way that whether it is people you are transporting or tools, products or all of the above, it will convey you easily and comfortably. This vehicle offers you more than just comfort, hiring it will give you maximum space to do what you please. Power: the ford transit is a big car with a big engine, with the 3.5 liters’ power stroke I-5 turbo engine and its 16-inch wheels, it is unstoppable. All you need do is to relax comfortably in your chair and watch the ford transit eat up the road to your destination fast.