Finally, Denver Sees its first snow of this Ski Season 2022

Denver sees the first snow of the season 2021-2022. The region experiences its first snowfall on the 9th of December. There is a warning against a strong winter storm which remains effective till 6:00 p.m. MST on Friday 10th of December. Heavy snow is expected and a total accumulation of about one or two feet of snow may occur. Denver is quite the happening region, especially during winter. The area remains flooded with tourists especially in vacation spots like Vail and Breckenridge. Winter marks the ski season for Denver which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Remember we have discussed that all ski resorts Vail, Breckenridge, and others require proper vaccination and mask. And after this late snowfall finally, we have to think about how the ski season will be this year. Will it be the proper winter season or not? All the travelers love to explore Colorado in winter especially and if it is not a proper winter then should we book our transportation and other necessary things in advance.

There have been several heavy storms in late December this year. However, there had been no traces of snow until 9th December. Many people have discussed since November whether is it snowfall in Denver already, but everyone had to wait till the first week of December to actually experience it. The first snow finally arrived on 9th December. Denver is known for its cold temperatures and chilly breeze however both of these are due to the heavy snowfall that the area often experiences. With no measurable snowfall, the ski season has to keep waiting for Denver, however, the first snow of the season looks quite promising.

According to Government Official Whether Website, Top 10 Denver’s Latest First Snowfall Dates:


Rank Date Snow
1 10th of Dec, 021 0.3
2 21st of Nov, 1934 1.0
3 11/19/1931 1.0
4 11/17/2016 1.7
5 11/16/1894 2.6
6 11/15/2010 1.5
7 11/15/1988 2.5
8 11/15/1987 6.1
9 11/15/1902 4.0
10 11/14/2008 0.1


After a long wait to see its first snow not only the locals of Denver but several tourists are excited. The snowfall which started on 9th December Thursday is most likely to continue through the next morning which is the 10th December a Friday. it is likely to experience snow all morning as well as during the afternoon and a storm alert has also been declared. It may be said that even 3 inches of snow may accumulate in metro areas of Denver. The temperature is likely to drop and everyone is advised to new dress accordingly and take shelter whenever there is an alert for a strong upcoming winter storm. Snowfall in Colorado especially in Denver is breathtaking and tourists, as well as locals, enjoy it equally.

Many people eagerly wait for Denver snowfall, it not only makes the area look brilliantly picturesque but also acts as a source of motivation for skiers. A huge part of Denver is used as a ski resort and a huge number of people visit every year during winter for their skiing experience. Therefore, the snowfall does affect the economy of Denver indirectly, as it attracts more tourists. The temperature goes down during this time and people are advised to carry appropriate apparel to stay safe from frostbite.