Eddie Limo Fleets in Colorado: SUV, Sedan & Stretch Limos

Book Stretch Limos, SUV & Sedan From Eddie Limo

Book Stretch Limos: When you engage the service of a limo conveyance company to book. Stretch Limos you get to enjoy the tons of benefits attached to this singular act. But the best one yet is the opportunity to ride in the car of your dreams. Whether it is a sedan, transit or limo as long as it is offered by Eddie limo service. You are in for a ride of your life. Eddie limo service has the most sophisticated fleet of exotic cars in the limo conveyance industry of Denver. And crosswise over Colorado. On the off chance that you are interested in hiring a vehicle from their fleet. you can consider choosing any of the following;

Ford transit


In the list of vehicles available at Eddie limo service, the ford transit stands out the most, with its high roof and double sliding doors, this car would take on any job you throw at it. This car performs excellently in all weathers and seasons; it can also serve multiple purposes, business conveyance or airport pick-up conveyance, it can also be used to host a party on wheels for a dozen people. There is quite a number of things to like about this car, for example;

Bodywork: The Ford transit high roof is a car that has its roof extended in order provide more headroom for clients, this extension of the roof of the Ford transit adds glamour to its luxurious appearance. No one can deny the beauty of this beautiful work of architecture; it is definitely awe-inspiring.

Interior: the cabin of the ford transit is customized in such a way that whether it is people you are transporting or tools, products or all of the above, it will convey you easily and comfortably. This vehicle offers you more than just comfort, hiring it will give you maximum space to do what you please.

Power: the ford transit is a big car with a big engine, with the 3.5 liters’ power stroke I-5 turbo engine and its 16-inch wheels, it is unstoppable. All you need do is to relax comfortably in your chair and watch the ford transit eat up the road to your destination fast.


Chrysler S model


Chrysler S model is a car with lots of potentials; its elegant design is as captivating as it is exotic, a ride in this car will leave you with wonderment. This car is very suitable for airport pick-up, business meetings and all other arrangements involving a party of four. A lot of things set this car apart from others, some of the attributes of this car include;

Bodywork: one quick look at the Chrysler S model and you will see the power it possesses; its prestigious architectural design makes it stand out amidst the crowd. You cannot fail to notice the beautiful bodywork of the Chrysler S model when it pulls up to the curb. Tts daytime running lights. The graceful lines that run through its flanks and its 20-inch alloy wheels gives it character.

Interior: when it comes to the attributes that build up the luxurious character of the Chrysler S model, its beautiful interior is the first pick. Enjoy the luxurious feel of its wet heated leather seats (front and rear) and the comfort of its 60/40 split rear seats when you want to catch a quick shut-eye. The spacious interior of this vehicle can provide seating arrangement for four passengers.

Power: Chrysler S model makes a powerful statement with its V8 engine that can rev-up 363 horsepower and its advanced all-wheel-drive system. This makes the Chrysler S model suitable for all weathers and roads.

Chevrolet Suburban


Chevrolet Suburban is a car beyond elegance and luxury it is a car with precision; it is an SUV that can cater to the needs of up to six passengers. This SUV is very suitable for airport pick-ups, business meetings, and recreational events.  The Chevrolet Suburban is the ideal car for a family man or woman. There are a lot of things to love about this prestigious automobile, a few of them are;

Bodywork: the gorgeous bodywork of the Chevrolet Suburban is one to cherish, with its topnotch headlamps, its chrome grille, and its 21-inch chrome wheels. This car will get you the attention of onlookers immediately you pull up anywhere in the city of Denver or anywhere else.

Interior: this car houses a spacious interior, furnished with the finest leather material in the market, the seats of this car will only give you good thoughts. The seats available in this particular SUV can provide seating arrangements for six people and their luggage.

Power: loaded with an Engine that can produce up to 355 horsepower, this car will take you to your destination without the hassle of being held up by slippery or bad roads. This car will pull its way through obstacles blocking its way just because it can.


Cadillac Escalade (22 passengers)


This car is on its own level when it comes to list of exotic cars. Everything about this car speaks of luxury. From its 20-inch chrome wheels to its 22 passenger interior. Cadillac did not spare any detail in making this escalade one of the most luxurious vehicles on earth.

Are you a party lover, or are you looking for a quick getaway with your friends? This car is built for luxury, but at the same, it is built for a party, this car rocks literarily.

Moreover hire this vehicle for your bachelor party or any party whatsoever and watch your friends gape at the sight of its wonderment. Any party hosted in the gorgeous interior of the Cadillac Escalade (22 passengers) is a party to remember for life. Things to love about the Cadillac Escalade (22 passengers);

Bodywork: this car steps into any place and makes a statement. a bold statement that says “I rule the pack, nothing beats me.”  The dimension of this escalade will make you stare. The 20-inch chrome wheels will inspire awe. And its daytime running lights will melt your heart.

Interior: this car has one of the best interiors, with its stainless steel ceiling, dynamic ambient lighting, double bar stands, panel fitted screens and wet heated leather chairs.

Sound: the inclusion of six 12” subwoofer in the Cadillac Escalade (22 passengers) sets it apart to be as one of a kind party car.

Hummer H2 (20 passengers)


In addition if you are planning to book Stretch Limos we have another SUV, designed for luxury and comfort. Bold, elegant and sophisticated, this car is packed with everything that depicts luxury. Hummer H2 can provide sitting arrangements for a group of 20 people. There are so many things to love about this car, a few of them are;

Bodywork: you don’t need to be announced when you arrive in a Hummer H2, the car makes its own announcements. The bodywork is classy at the same time elegant, this contrast of feeling excites all passengers of the Hummer H2.

Interior lighting: Also, this stretch SUV has been crafted by professionals to suit the needs of party lovers. Who fancy disco lights and club life. Make your party come alive when you hire the Hummer H2 for your party and enjoy its beautiful interior lights.

Space: Hummer H2 has all the space you need, it features double-sided leather seats and a well fitted wet bar. The interior of the Hummer H2 can shelter up to 20 passengers; it also has six LCD screens fitted into its panels and ceilings, you can never get bored in this vehicle.

Sound system. Also, The presence of AM/FM/CD and DVD fitted into its panels provides it with the right tools for a party. Enjoy excellent sound quality when you hire the Hummer H2 (20 passengers) for your bachelor party or any other event.

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