Best Things to Do with a Limo in Vail

Vail, Colorado, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering everything from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking and biking in the summer. Consider hiring a limo to take you around town to truly elevate your Vail experience. With Eddie limo, you can visit the best restaurants and bars in Vail, as well as indulge in a spa day. Here are some of the best things to do in Vail with a limo:

Sightseeing and Outdoor Activities

A limo tour is one of the best ways to experience Vail’s breathtaking scenery. Your driver can take you to the best scenic spots and ski resorts, stopping at viewpoints for breathtaking photos. If you come in the summer, you can take a scenic drive through the mountains or go on a hiking trip. If you want to unwind, consider visiting one of Vail’s hot springs or having an outdoor picnic.

Scenic Tours – Tours of Natural Beauty

Scenic tours are one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Vail. There are numerous scenic tours available, whether you want to explore the mountains, valleys, or rivers. With our limo service, you can sit back, relax, and take in the scenery without having to navigate unfamiliar roads or find parking. Some of the most popular scenic tours in Vail are:

Vail Pass

This scenic route crosses the Continental Divide and provides breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. You’ll pass through historic towns and see local wildlife along the way.

Gore Range

This tour takes you through the Gore Range mountains, giving you a unique perspective on the natural beauty of the area. While relaxing in the comfort of our limo, you’ll see waterfalls, rivers, and wildlife.

Wine Country

If you enjoy wine, consider taking a scenic tour of the nearby wine country. You can visit local wineries, sample regional wines, and take in the scenery along the way.

Colorado River

This tour takes visitors along the Colorado River, one of the most iconic waterways in the American West. The tour offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding canyon walls, as well as opportunities to see wildlife such as eagles, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions.

Rocky Mountain National Park Scenic

Rocky Mountain National Park

This is one of the most iconic national parks in the country, offering views of towering mountains, alpine lakes, and abundant wildlife. The tour includes stops at popular attractions such as Trail Ridge Road and the Continental Divide.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Vail is well known for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, and limo service can enhance your experience. You can avoid the hassle of parking and transportation to and from the slopes by hiring a limo, and instead arrive in style and comfort. Furthermore, many limo services provide equipment transportation, so you can bring all of your skiing or snowboarding equipment without worrying about fitting it all in your car. Vail’s most popular ski and snowboard areas include:

Vail Mountain

Vail Mountain is the largest ski resort in the United States and offers over 5,200 acres of skiable terrain. The mountain has something for everyone, from beginner to expert runs, and offers state-of-the-art lifts and gondolas.

Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek Resort has located just a short distance from Vail and offers over 1,800 acres of skiable terrain. The resort features a variety of runs for all skill levels, as well as amenities such as ski schools and on-mountain dining options.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort is located about an hour and a half from Vail and offers over 2,900 acres of skiable terrain. The resort features five peaks and a variety of runs for all skill levels, as well as a historic downtown area with shopping and dining options.

Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort is located about two hours from Vail and offers over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain. The resort features a variety of runs for all skill levels, as well as amenities such as ski schools and on-mountain dining options.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is located about two hours from Vail and offers over 1,400 acres of skiable terrain. The resort features a variety of runs for all skill levels and is known for its high-altitude skiing and snowboarding.

Back Bowls

With stunning views and steep terrain, Vail Mountain’s back bowls provide some of the most challenging and rewarding skiing in the area.

Wine, dine, and relax at the Spa

Vail is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and bars, and a limo can take you there in style. Wine tastings at local wineries and breweries are available, as are insider recommendations for the best restaurants to visit. You can also treat yourself to a luxurious spa day at one of Vail’s many world-class spas. Your driver/guide can advise you on the best places to find the best deals and treatments. Popular Vail dining options include:

Sweet Basil

This fine dining establishment serves innovative cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients and is consistently ranked as one of Vail’s best restaurants.

La Nonna

This Italian restaurant serves classics such as pasta and pizza, as well as unique dishes such as elk bolognese.

Mountain Standard

This lively American restaurant offers a menu that focuses on wood-fired meats and seafood.

Sites of Historical and Cultural Interest

While Vail is well-known for its outdoor activities, the town also has an interesting history and culture. You can take a limo to historical and cultural sites like the Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame, where you can learn about the history of skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. You can also go to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, which have plants and flowers from all over the world.

Events and Nightlife

After a day of exploring Vail, a limo can take you to the vibrant nightlife scene of the town. Throughout the year, Vail hosts a variety of events and activities such as concerts, festivals, and outdoor movies. You can enjoy these events without having to worry about transportation or parking if you use a limo. Your driver/guide can also recommend the best restaurants and nightclubs in town.


You can easily navigate the town and visit multiple bars or clubs with limo service without having to worry about designated drivers or finding parking. Furthermore, many Vail nightlife venues provide limo service to their customers, allowing you to arrive in style and make a statement. Some popular Vail nightlife options include:

Pepi’s Bar & Restaurant

This Vail institution is known for its lively atmosphere, live music, and extensive beer list.

Bridge Street Bar

Located in the heart of Vail Village, this popular bar serves a wide variety of cocktails and beers.

Club One

With a VIP lounge and bottle service, this upscale nightclub is ideal for those looking to dance the night away.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion is a popular spot for live music and dancing, with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They offer limo service for groups of up to 12 people.

Vail Ale House

Vail Ale House offers a vast selection of craft beers and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for winding down after a day on the slopes. They offer limo service for groups of up to 6 people.

The Remedy Bar at the Four Seasons Resort

The Remedy Bar is a chic and sophisticated spot for cocktails and small bites. They offer limo service for groups of up to 4 people.

Bridge Street Bar

Bridge Street Bar is a laid-back spot for craft cocktails and local beers, with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They offer limo service for groups of up to 8 people.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Vail hosts a variety of special events, ranging from music festivals to culinary events to outdoor adventures. You can arrive at these events in style and comfort, avoiding the hassle of finding parking or navigating crowded streets, by hiring a limo service. Vail’s most popular special events include:

Vail Jazz Festival

During the summer, world-class jazz musicians perform in Vail for a series of concerts and events.

GoPro Mountain Games

This annual event draws athletes and spectators from all over the world and includes outdoor sports competitions, live music, and more.

Vail Snow Daze

This annual festival celebrates the start of the winter season with live music, apr├Ęs ski parties, and more. Visitors can enjoy performances by world-renowned artists and explore the latest ski and snowboard gear.

Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show

This summer event is held every Sunday and offers visitors the opportunity to explore a variety of local produce, art, and crafts. Visitors can enjoy live music, food, and drink while shopping for unique souvenirs and gifts.

Vail Jazz Festival

This summer music festival features a variety of jazz performances by world-renowned artists. Visitors can enjoy live music in an intimate setting, with performances held at various venues throughout Vail.

Vail Oktoberfest

This annual festival celebrates Bavarian culture with live music, dancing, and beer. Visitors can enjoy traditional German food and drink, as well as activities such as keg bowling and a bratwurst eating contest.

When attending special events in Vail, it is essential to plan ahead and make transportation arrangements in advance. By choosing a reputable limo service, visitors can arrive at their event in style and comfort, without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads or finding parking.


shopping in Vail

Vail is also known for its upscale shopping, and a limo can transport you to the best boutiques and outlets in town. You can buy designer clothing, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Your driver/guide can also provide insider information on where to find the best bargains and deals.


Overall, whether you’re visiting for skiing, dining, nightlife, or special events, limo service can be a great way to enhance your Vail experience. You can avoid the stress and hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads and finding parking by hiring a limo, and instead arrive in style and comfort. Finally, a limo can enhance your Vail experience by adding a touch of luxury and convenience. So, reserve a limo for your next Vail adventure and enjoy the best of what this lovely town has to offer.